Democrats Select Shocking New State House Rep

A Marxist teacher named Tim Hernández from Colorado has been voted in by Democrats to fill an open state House of Representatives seat. Hernández’s controversial statements and actions have raised concerns among some members of the public.

Hernández was selected as a state representative for the Denver area by a committee of Democrats after the incumbent, Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez, was elected to the Denver City Council. Hernández had previously worked at Aurora West Preparatory Academy in the Aurora Public Schools District. However, the staff list of the academy has been scrubbed, and it remains unclear if he continues to work in the Colorado district.

One of the key points of contention surrounding Hernández is his call for a “FORCEFUL Cultural Revolution” against “Whiteness” and “white supremacy.” His classroom reportedly featured a sign calling for the “Dismantling of White systems.” Additionally, Hernández has been known to advocate for communist theory and its practical implementation, insisting that it’s not enough to discuss theory alone.

Tim Hernandez (Screenshot/X)

Hernández has also expressed his belief that a revolution should take place in marginalized communities, stating, “The revolution will happen in the hood. It will not be led by those who understand Lenin best; it will be led by the people.”

Furthermore, Hernández’s public social media posts reveal his support for a “FORCEFUL cultural revolution” against American “whiteness” and “white supremacy.” He has indicated his intention to incorporate lessons on communist theory in his classroom, even suggesting showing the movie “A Bug’s Life” followed by a lesson on “proletariat revolution” to engage young children in his perspective.

Tim Hernández on his social media accounts. (Screenshot/X-Instagram)

In various instances, Hernández has made controversial comments about White people, White women, and the racial dynamics within the teaching profession. He has called for White people to undergo re-education and criticized White women for alleged interruptive behavior.

“I seriously question if White women even remotely notice the number of times they interrupt other people in a day,” he said.

Hernández’s classroom was adorned with flags supporting Palestinian and far-left political causes, including one suggesting that the United States of America belonged to the Aztecs.

“If White people spent HALF of the time they spend trying to distance themselves from their Whiteness and instead spent it actually deconstructing systems of White supremacy, where would we be?” he asked. “[S]ystems of white supremacy are upheld by individuals- to remove individuality from this conversation is unproductive… I am absolutely advocating for a Cultural Revolution where we dismantle individual and systemic White supremacy,” he said in January 2021.

“We’re talking about Whiteness and White supremacy. And I’m willing to advocate for any form of disruption to it and every manifestation it has,” he said.

Notably, Hernández had previously been fired from another school in Denver Public Schools, where an administrator described him as “aggressive, divisive, and attacking.”

It’s important to note that the phrase “Cultural Revolution” has roots in communist totalitarian history, particularly the Chinese Cultural Revolution, which involved a violent purge and persecution orchestrated by Mao Zedong.

While Hernández’s election has garnered attention and sparked debate, both he and the Aurora Public School District have not immediately responded to requests for comment on the matter.

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