Democrats Still Holding Major Impeachment Documents Hostage

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decide to withhold the articles of impeachment from being transferred immediately to the Senate, she created an unprecedented situation in American history.

Many believed that Pelosi did so in order to elicit some leverage over Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who had already admitted that he wasn’t planning on being an “impartial juror” in the coming trial.

But the articles of impeachment aren’t the only important documents being held up by House Democrats.

Republican Texas Rep. Michael Burgess appeared on Fox News this week to explain:

ANCHOR: Democrats and Nancy Pelosi have said they are waiting on these articles to ensure there’s a fair trial in the Senate, but there have been a lot of other theories floated by Republicans, by folks from the other side of the aisle that think that Nancy Pelosi is stalling for all sorts of reasons. So I want to get your thoughts on why these articles are being held.

REP. MICHAEL BURGESS: My first take is that they’re holding the articles of impeachment because they really had nothing in the first place, so if they send them to the Senate and it crashes and burns, the president is exonerated and they did not accomplish what they set out to accomplish, which was to politically harm the president at the beginning of a political year.

ANCHOR: So you think they’re stalling, in essence, to continue digging, that they’re hoping they find something more?

REP. BURGESS: Look, they had all the tools at their disposal on the House side, they made it secret. They had armed guards outside the doors. They still haven’t made all of the transcripts available to members of Congress. And according to House rules, any committee hearing, the transcript is supposed to be available to other House members. But they have not done so, and no one has asserted that these are classified briefings. They were just simply secret hearings because it behooved the speaker to have secret hearings. That doesn’t pass muster. That’s not a constitutional part of the process.

The Democrats have ironically been clamoring for a “fair trial” in the Senate, all while continuing to exploit whatever they can in their quest to undo the 2016 election.