Demonstrations Turn Violent During Texas Bill Signing Ceremony

Women’s activists were allegedly targeted and assaulted by leftist agitators during a ceremonial bill signing for the “Save Women’s Sports Act” in Texas. Swimmer Riley Gaines, a prominent advocate for women’s sports, reported to Fox News that the celebration of Governor Abbott signing SB 15, a bill designed to protect female collegiate athletics, was marred by aggressive actions from protestors.

Gaines, who has been a vocal supporter of safeguarding women’s sports, expressed her disappointment at the behavior exhibited by some protesters. She revealed that amidst the jubilation over the legislative victory, bottles were hurled, and individuals were spat on by the protestors, who were reportedly agitated. According to her account, law enforcement had to intervene to ensure the safety of attendees.

Michelle Evans, the leader of the Independent Women’s Network’s Austin chapter, corroborated Gaines’ narrative. Evans revealed that the atmosphere turned hostile, with protestors exhibiting aggressive behavior towards women’s activists. She recounted incidents of physical intimidation, including attempts to block her passage and even physical contact. In a particularly distressing incident, a woman in a pink ski mask and sunglasses allegedly spat into Evans’ eye. Law enforcement managed to apprehend one suspect in connection with the reported assaults.

The situation took a particularly unsettling turn when young girls were reportedly subjected to distressing treatment. As they were being escorted out of the event by their mothers, protestors reportedly screamed and harassed the children, leaving them frightened and traumatized. Evans expressed her concern over this behavior, emphasizing that the protesters’ actions were out of control and unacceptable.

This incident is not the first time Riley Gaines has faced opposition for her stance on women’s sports. In a previous occurrence, pro-transgender activists confronted Gaines during her appearance at San Francisco State, leading to her being escorted out of the venue for her safety. The incident highlighted the heated tensions surrounding the topic of transgender rights and its intersection with women’s sports.

As the dust settles on the incident at the ceremonial bill signing, both Gaines and Evans stress the importance of Governor Abbott’s leadership in enacting the “Save Women’s Sports Act.” They express hope that more states will follow suit in protecting female collegiate athletics.