Dems Say Impeachment Will Go Public Starting Next Week

The secrecy that shrouded the Democrats’ “formal impeachment inquiry” so far has been lambasted time and again throughout the media, both social and mainstream.

The American people haven’t been too fond of it either, as our public servants continue to engage themselves with the impeachment inquiry rather than working on the issues that we elected them to deal with.

Now, after getting a hefty head start in the spin department, the left side of the aisle will finally be bringing the process out from the shadows.

Democrats announced Wednesday they will launch public impeachment hearings next week, intending to bring to life weeks of closed-door testimony and lay out a convincing narrative of presidential misconduct by Donald Trump.

First to testify will be William Taylor, the top diplomat in Ukraine, who has relayed in private his understanding that there was a blatant quid pro quo with Trump holding up military aid to a U.S. ally facing threats from its giant neighbor Russia.

That aid, at the heart of the impeachment inquiry, is alleged to have been held hostage until Ukraine agreed to investigate political foe Joe Biden and the idea, out of the mainstream of U.S. intelligence findings, that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 U.S. election.

The testimony of Taylor a career envoy and war veteran with 50 years of service to the U.S., is what Democrats want Americans to hear first.

But will this be too little, too late for an American public who has already grown tired of the impasses of The Beltway?

The answer to that question could arrive as early as next week.