Leak: 2024 GOP Primary Heats Up, A New Hat Is In The Ring

At long last, the wait is over.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made up his mind about 2024.

The Sunshine State lawmaker has been playing coy about the idea of running for the White House next go-round, keep the media completely in the dark about his decision-making process.

Behind the scenes, however, DeSantis’ actions have been rather blatant – particularly when it comes to his courting of Republican mega-donors and raising his national presence.

Now, sources close to DeSantis say that the Florida Governor has made up his mind.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has indicated privately that he intends to run for president, according to two people familiar with his comments.

A super PAC that seeks to draft DeSantis into the race launched Thursday and is likely to serve as an approved outside spending vehicle for his campaign, three people familiar with the planning said.

And DeSantis will visit the early nominating states of Iowa on Friday and Nevada on Saturday as he tours the country promoting his memoir.

The public and private movements underline how far along DeSantis and his allies are in their preparation for the 2024 campaign, even as the Florida governor has not said publicly that he will enter the race.

DeSantis’ potential 2024 bid has seemingly been in the works for years now, but this most recent revelation appears to back up the long-held theory that the Florida Governor has larger ambitions.