DeSantis Vows to Counter US’s Greatest Threat

In a bold move aimed at countering the influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed three groundbreaking bills into law. These laws represent a significant step in restricting the CCP’s activities within the state of Florida, targeting areas such as land acquisition, data collection, and educational influence.

The trio of new laws, namely SB 264, SB 846, and SB 258, serve as a robust legislative package designed to combat what Governor DeSantis considers the United States’ most significant economic, strategic, and security threat—the Chinese Communist Party. These bills tackle multiple aspects of CCP influence and activity within the state.

Firstly, the legislation prevents Chinese entities or their affiliates from purchasing farmland in Florida or land near critical infrastructure and military bases. This restriction aims to safeguard essential assets and maintain national security interests. By limiting Chinese acquisitions of strategic lands, Florida reinforces its commitment to protecting its resources from potential threats.

Secondly, the new laws address concerns regarding sensitive data storage. Entities affiliated with the CCP will no longer be allowed to own servers where sensitive data, including that of U.S. citizens, may be stored. This measure seeks to protect individuals’ privacy and mitigate the risks associated with data breaches or unauthorized access by foreign entities.

Furthermore, the legislation prohibits CCP influence within Florida’s education system, spanning primary and secondary institutions. By rooting out Chinese influence in schools, Governor DeSantis aims to protect young minds from potential bias and manipulation. Additionally, the new laws block access to applications deemed dangerous, such as TikTok, on government and educational institution servers and devices. This safeguard helps ensure that sensitive information remains secure and out of the hands of foreign entities.

Governor DeSantis, known for his assertive stance against the CCP, expressed his pride in signing this legislation and his commitment to countering the United States’ greatest geopolitical threat. He emphasized the importance of halting Chinese agents’ purchase of farmland and land near critical infrastructure, as well as preventing sensitive data from being stored in China. Furthermore, DeSantis aims to eradicate CCP influence from Florida’s education system, from grade school to grad school.

During a press conference where he signed the bills into law, Governor DeSantis highlighted the unfair trading relationship between China and the United States, enabled by the Chinese government’s actions. He also criticized the short-term profit-seeking mentality that has led to neglecting long-term U.S. interests and compromising America’s industrial base and security.