Disney Facing Crisis Over Snow White Star’s Comments!

Disney’s forthcoming live-action remake of “Snow White” is facing potential challenges, as branding experts raise concerns about the film’s promotional approach. Lead actress Rachel Zegler’s recent comments have sparked controversy and have led experts to question the movie’s future success.

Zegler, the 22-year-old star who takes on the iconic role, has stirred the pot with her remarks regarding the original 1937 animated classic’s storyline. Citing the German fairy tale as a basis, Zegler expressed strong negative sentiments towards the classic love story, deeming it “weird” and even labeling the prince’s actions as those of a “stalker.” The actress boldly proclaimed changes for the new adaptation, vowing that Snow White will not be reliant on a prince’s rescue and will not be centered around the theme of true love.

“She’s not going to be saved by the prince and she’s not going to be dreaming about true love,” the actress promised.

Branding expert Carla Speight cautioned that Zegler’s outspoken comments could potentially cast a shadow over the movie’s prospects at the box office. Speight emphasized that while Disney films may embody traditional values, veering to the opposite extreme and imposing overtly charged messages might prove detrimental. She asserted that Disney needs to exercise caution in how Snow White is portrayed and how actors discuss it publicly.

Speight said, “Disney will need to be careful with how they have portrayed Snow White and what they do and don’t allow their actors to say about it going forwards. They simply cannot repeat the same mistakes and allow their actors to be so vocal in their own personal opinions during promotions.”

“It can have a huge impact on ticket sales, especially with the amount of negative backlash so early in the promo trail,” she continued. “They need to get the key messaging and strong selling point into a brief for the cast of the film and ensure they stick to it. If they don’t, it’s a disaster waiting to happen and the backlash will keep growing.”

PR expert Nick Ede shared similar concerns, asserting that Zegler’s public statements do not position her as an effective advocate for the film. Ede compared Zegler’s approach unfavorably to Halle Bailey’s embrace of her role in “The Little Mermaid,” suggesting that Zegler’s disparaging comments about the source material and past iterations could tarnish the film’s image. Ede acknowledged the evolving nature of storytelling but questioned Zegler’s tone and lack of respect for the original narrative.

The film’s 2024 release date now faces a challenge, as experts suggest that Disney needs to counteract the negativity surrounding the project. Ede underlined the necessity for Disney to generate positive anticipation for “Snow White,” given the negative narrative that has emerged. Efforts to promote the film effectively and restore its magical allure are now on the agenda for the studio.