DOJ Cowards Look to Silence Steve Bannon

The January 6th select committee should have understood what they were signing up for when they decided to call on three of the most profoundly loud conservative media magnates around to testify before them.

But no.  As the Democrats so love to do, this committee has bitten off far more than it can chew, and now the DOJ is stepping in to protect it.

Prosecutors have accused former President Donald Trump’s ex-adviser Steve Bannon of attempting to try his criminal case through the media instead of in court and have asked a judge to limit what Bannon can release publicly throughout the case, according to a new filing in DC District Court.

Bannon is trying to convince a judge not to bar him and his lawyers from sharing documents he receives from the Justice Department with the public before his trial.

The DOJ prosecutors said in the filing Sunday some of those records must stay private while the case is pending, because they include internal communications between congressional staffers and notes of FBI interviews with witnesses who could testify against Bannon at trial.

Their logic is fairly convoluted, however.

“Allowing the defendant to publicly disseminate reports of witness statements will have the collateral effect of witness tampering because it will expose witnesses to public commentary on their potential testimony before trial and allow a witness to review summaries of other witnesses’ statements recounting the same event or events,” the prosecutors wrote on Sunday.

Of course, the real reason could easily just be that they’re afraid of Bannon holding them accountable in the media, and opening the door for other witnesses, such as Alex Jones and Roger Stone to do the same.