DOJ Issues 30+ Subpoenas to Trump Associates Over J6 Concerns

The nearer we get to the 2022 midterms elections, the more likely we are to see a vast effort by the Department of Justice to vilify former President Donald Trump and his closest confidantes.

Of course, there have already been major maneuvers by the DOJ in this regard over the course of the last several months, with the FBI’s armed raid of Mar-a-Lago providing us with perhaps the most dramatic example of this political chicanery.

But now, less than two months before Americans head to the ballot box, the Justice Department is taking their fishing expedition to the next level with a furious cavalcade of wide-ranging subpoenas.

More than 30 people associated with former President Donald Trump and alleged efforts to influence the 2020 election results have received federal grand jury subpoenas, four sources told CBS News.

The subpoenas, many of which were issued last week, mark a significant escalation in the Justice Department’s investigation into origins of the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot and other alleged attempts to stop the transfer of power to then-President-elect Joe Biden. One source familiar with the case characterized the investigation as huge.

And they are looking for anything that they can get their hands on:

The Justice Department is examining how money was raised and spent on alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 election; efforts to submit fake “alternate” electors to Congress from states lost by Trump; and the “Stop The Steal” rally held at the Ellipse, adjacent to White House grounds, on Jan. 6, just before the Capitol riot.

The unending scope of the DOJ’s interest in Donald Trump has long belied the Biden administration’s desperation to keep The Don from getting back on the ballot in ’24, but this sudden escalation’s timing seems to indicate that they are also quite concerned with MAGA Republicans making headway in the midterms.