DOJ Says Mar-a-Lago Documents Included Nuke Secrets

Just a month after armed FBI agents descended on Mar-a-Lago, hauling off tens of thousands of documents stored there by former President Donald Trump, the story has taken a dramatic and nerve-wracking turn.

This week, in the aftermath of a decision by a federal judge to appoint a special master to the case, the DOJ revealed that, among those documents being stored at Mar-a-Lago, were filed pertaining to our secret knowledge of the nuclear capabilities of foreign nations.

A document describing a foreign government’s military defenses, including its nuclear capabilities, was found in the FBI’s search last month of former President Donald Trump’s Florida home, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

The Post report, which cited people familiar with the matter, did not identify the foreign government discussed in the document, nor did it indicate whether the foreign government was friendly or hostile to the United States.

An FBI spokesperson declined to comment on the report. Trump representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The revelation likely changes the political calculus for Trump, who has been teasing an announcement regarding his 2024 presidential campaign for months now.

The appointment of the special master in the case will likely slow down the litigious process, but there’s no telling for how long.