Donald Trump Jr. Speaks Out

In a recent interview with Breitbart News Saturday, Donald Trump Jr. expressed his belief that globalist elites are vehemently opposing the potential return of his father, former President Donald Trump, to power, deeming him the “biggest threat to their power.” According to Don Jr., these globalists seek leaders they can manipulate, individuals who will unquestioningly heed their directives. Trump, however, doesn’t fit this mold, which is why he’s perceived as such a formidable adversary by these elites.

“He’s the biggest threat to their power, right?” Don Jr. stated, adding that the elites desire a pliable president who aligns with their agenda. He further noted that his father’s motivation to enter politics was to champion the concerns of ordinary Americans, not to pander to the establishment.

The younger Trump pointed out that the opposition to his father isn’t limited to the left but also encompasses figures from both sides of the political spectrum, including establishment Republicans and globalist forces. Don Jr. underscored his father’s growing experience in the political arena, asserting that this knowledge has made him acutely aware of the individuals who obstructed his administration’s initiatives.

Don Jr. emphasized that the recent release of his father’s mugshot has garnered significant attention and is fostering a growing awareness of what he termed the “power grab of the Deep State.” He pointed to the reactions on social media platforms, such as “black Twitter,” and anecdotal conversations he had during an airport visit, suggesting that an increasing number of people are becoming attuned to what he views as a coordinated effort to thwart Trump’s influence.

He argued that Trump’s campaign isn’t centered on placating the establishment but rather on rectifying what he sees as a broken system. He questioned the capability of the system to unjustly target even someone as prominent as Donald Trump and expressed concern about the implications for others who may lack his resources and platform.

Don Jr. concluded that their campaign is fueled by a determination to expose and counteract the machinations of the Deep State, asserting that Trump’s platform and influence render him a pivotal figure in this struggle. He maintained that his father’s candidacy isn’t about acquiescing to those in power but about restoring accountability and defending the interests of the American people.