Don’t Let the PG Rating Fool You: This Netflix Movie Is NOT For Kids!

Netflix’s recent release of the animated children’s movie “Nimona” has garnered attention for its controversial content, leading some parental reviewers to question its PG rating. Based on the 2015 graphic novel of the same name, the film weaves together elements of violence, LGBTQ storylines, and sensitive themes like suicide all within a supposed children’s narrative.

Centering around Nimona, a shape-shifting teen character, the film portrays her seemingly villainous inclinations and her penchant for causing havoc. However, as the story unfolds, viewers learn that her behavior is rooted in her sense of being shunned and misunderstood due to her differences. The presence of two knights, Ambrosius Goldenloin and Ballister Boldheart, grappling for the fate of their society while falling in love adds another layer to the storyline.

While the film holds a PG rating, many parental reviewers on Common Sense Media argue that it might not be suitable for its intended audience. Some expressed concerns about the mature language and complex storyline, suggesting that the content might resonate more with older children. Several parents highlighted the presence of violence, LGBTQ moments, and allusions to suicide, contending that these themes make the film unsuitable for younger viewers.

One concerned parent noted that the film’s depiction of suicidal thoughts alone should warrant a higher rating than PG. The title character, Nimona, is portrayed as expressing a desire for the knights to successfully end her life. Toward the conclusion of the film, she even attempts to harm herself with a sword due to her distress.

Slate, a reviewing platform, analyzed the film and observed that Netflix emphasized LGBTQ elements compared to the source material. The relationship between the knights is portrayed more explicitly, with scenes of hand-holding and kissing. Additionally, the film emphasizes Nimona’s transgender identity by showcasing her ability to change her gender on any given day.

Critics of the film argue that it incorporates LGBTQ and trans-coded characters into a well-trodden narrative about misunderstood entities and the fear of the unknown. While diversity and representation are crucial, the film’s approach has sparked debates about the suitability of such themes within a children’s context.

Despite its vibrant animation and engaging plot, “Nimona” has become a focal point for discussions about the boundaries of content in children’s media. As parents grapple with the decision of whether to expose their children to the film’s mature themes, the debate underscores the importance of clear and accurate content ratings, as well as the delicate balance between addressing societal issues and preserving the innocence of childhood entertainment.