Disneyland Worker Dies After Golf Cart Accident

Today, we’ve got some somber news coming out of the Disneyland Resort.

Bonnye Mavis Lear, a dedicated employee of 24 years, tragically passed away after a fall from a golf cart.

Bonnye Mavis Lear from Fullerton, California, suffered a severe accident and sadly passed away two days later, according to KABC-TV. This incident took place at the Disneyland Resort where she worked, specifically within the secretive and exclusive Club 33. Now, for those who might not know, Club 33 is an exclusive dining club hidden within Disneyland, known for its mystery and allure.

Anaheim police Sergeant Jon McClintock reported that officers responded to a call about a woman falling from a cart and striking her head. It was later revealed that this woman was Lear. The incident has been officially classified as a traffic collision by the police. However, there’s more to the story.

According to a Facebook post by Rae Delgado, a cast member at Disney California Adventure, which has since been removed, the narrative provided by the police might not be the complete picture. Delgado claimed that Lear was riding in a rear-facing seat of the golf cart, which was moving at approximately 20 miles per hour through Critter County—a section of the park currently closed to the public.

As the cart hit a bump, it lurched forward, and Lear instinctively grabbed a handrail. Unfortunately, the rail gave way, causing Lear to fall out of the vehicle. Delgado emphasized that this tragic event could have been avoided if not for the reckless driving.

Delgado’s statements, cited by the U.K. Daily Mail, have raised questions about the circumstances surrounding the accident. She expressed her frustration and grief, questioning how a brand-new golf cart from the entertainment department could fall apart in such a manner.

Even more concerning is that she said managers have been instructing cast members to remain silent about the details of Lear’s death, a claim that Disneyland has not yet addressed.

In response to the tragedy, Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock expressed heartfelt condolences. “We are heartbroken by the loss of Bonnye and offer our sincere condolences to everyone who cared for her,” Potrock said in a statement. He also emphasized the importance of supporting Lear’s family and colleagues through this difficult time.

As of now, the investigation into Lear’s death continues, with Anaheim police working to uncover all the facts.

Our thoughts go out to Bonnye Lear’s family, friends, and colleagues during this heartbreaking time.