Entertainment Agency Cuts Ties with Susan Sarandon

Actress Susan Sarandon has reportedly been dropped by her talent agency, United Talent Agency, after making comments about the conflict between Israel and Palestine during a pro-Palestine rally in New York City over the weekend.

According to multiple reports, including The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, and the Los Angeles Times, the agency has cut ties with the Oscar-winning actress following her remarks at the rally.

During the rally, Sarandon spoke about the fear and discrimination faced by the Jewish community amid the ongoing conflict. She also encouraged people to speak out and educate themselves about the situation.

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas escalated on October 7, with Hamas launching a series of deadly attacks on Israel during a Jewish holiday. In response, Israel launched a military campaign, leading to the deaths of thousands of Palestinians and hundreds of Israelis.

A number of other celebrities have also spoken out about the conflict, with some showing support for Israel and others for Palestine. The conflict has sparked heated debates and divided opinions among people around the world.

Sarandon is not the only Hollywood figure to face consequences for speaking out about the conflict. In October, Hollywood agent Maha Dakhil resigned from the Creative Artists Agency’s internal board and stepped down from her role as co-head of the motion pictures department after making comments on social media that were seen as anti-Israel.

Sarandon’s comments at the rally have sparked controversy and received backlash from some. However, she has also received support from others who agree with her views.

Representatives for Sarandon and United Talent Agency have not yet commented on the reports, and it is unclear why the agency has chosen to sever ties with the actress. Some speculate that it may be due to the controversial and divisive nature of the conflict.