Epstein Case ROCKED by DOJ’s Demand to Hand Over Royal Family Member

Jeffrey Epstein may be dead, but the case surrounding him is anything but.

Epstein was well known in conspiracy circles for decades, as the wealthy socialite was believed to have been running a child sex trafficking run while also hobnobbing with some of the world’s most influential people.

Then, when he died by alleged “suicide” in one of the nation’s most secure prisons, it became impossible to ignore the idea that perhaps there was more to this story than meets the eye.

Apparently, the Department of Justice is about to open yet another chapter in the Epstein saga, and one that could change the international diplomatic climate forever.

THE US has officially demanded Britain hand over Prince Andrew to be quizzed over his links to billionaire pedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein.

And in a bombshell move, the Department of Justice has formally told the UK the Duke of York is now caught up in a criminal probe for the first time.

Andrew, 60, has so far refused to be quizzed by New York prosecutors investigating Epstein’s evil historic sex trafficking network but strongly denies any wrongdoing.

Until now it was thought he was only likely to be the target of action by Epstein’s victims in the US civil courts.

One of Epstein’s most prolific accusers has credibly implicated Prince Andrew as a willing participant in the rape of a minor on several occasions, and his reticence to speak to prosecutors has only made the world more suspicious about the situation.