Epstein Pals Spooked as Attorney General Demands ‘Pedophile Island’ Flight Logs

Despite the fact that Jeffrey Epstein died of an alleged suicide several months ago, it seems as though his story is far from over.

First and foremost, there’s the fact that his right-hand girl Ghislaine Maxwell is now under lock and key here in the United States awaiting trial.  There is a real belief that Maxwell can provide enough evidence of Epstein’s evil empire for his victims to receive some sort of justice.

Of course, getting Maxwell to admit to any of it would then implicate herself in the heinous child sex trafficking operation believed to have been the main source of income for Jeffery Epstein.  Getting this information out of his #2 could prove difficult.

But there are other angles at play here as well, as the Attorney General in the US Virgin Islands has now made a fairly serious request.

Flight logs listing the names of all the people transported on Jeffrey Epstein’s fleet of aircraft have been subpoenaed by a court in the U.S. Virgin Islands, sparking panic through the rich and famous ranks of those who partied with the deceased pedophile.

The Daily Mirror newspaper reports the Attorney General in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where the billionaire had an estate and is said to have carried out many of his horrific crimes, has demanded to see the logs which document the passengers on his aircraft and their dates of travel.

The logs on his four helicopters and three planes, including his “Lolita Express” private jet, span from 1998 until his suicide in prison last year.

Attorney General Denise George has filed a lawsuit against his estate alleging 22 accounts including human trafficking, aggravated rape, child abuse, neglect, forced labour and prostitution, the Mirror reported.

Epstein’s island had earned itself an unfathomable colloquial nickname locally:  “Pedophile island”.

Given the wide and wealthy circle that surrounding Epstein and Maxwell, there is little doubt that some of the world’s most notable individuals are a bit nervous at the moment.