EPSTEIN STRANGLED! New Evidence Blows Suicide Story Out of The Water!

The deep, dark corners of the internet are alive today after yet another doctor weighs in on the already-suspicious “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein’s life was one of incredible extremes.  The wealthy financier, (whose money seemingly appeared out of nowhere), had spent decades hobnobbing with some of the world’s most important people, including the UK’s Prince Andrew and US President Bill Clinton.

On the flip side, however, Epstein was trafficking children for sex, according to dozens of witnesses who’ve come forward to press charges against him.

During his second arrest for such behavior, Epstein was somehow allowed to commit suicide in his cell, at one of the most secure detention facilities in all of the nation.  Furthermore, his death came just days after being removed from suicide watch after a previous attempt to take his own life failed, and the cameras near his cell were inoperable at the time.

Mind you, Epstein was the most infamous inmate in the entire world at this point.

Now, after another doctor verified that injuries to the bones in the previously convicted pedophile’s neck seemed to be consistent with a strangulation and not a hanging, another medical professional is weighing in as well.

A forensic pathologist has claimed that Jeffrey Epstein was likely murdered and did not hang himself because he had burst capillaries in his eyes which is consistent with manual strangulation and not hanging, DailyMail.com can reveal.

In an exclusive clip from a Dr. Oz special set to air on Thursday, pathologist Dr. Michael Baden examines photographs of Epstein’s eyes and other parts of his lifeless body taken during his autopsy.

Dr. Baden was among physicians in the room when Epstein’s autopsy took place.

He says it is highly unusual that the cause of his death went from being undetermined – when it was first ruled – to suicide by hanging five days later.

And that’s not all…

‘In a hanging, the arteries and the blood vessels, the veins are both clogged off and the person is pale. The face is pale,’ Dr Baden said.

‘It suffocates you, no blood goes up there,’ Dr Oz continued.

Epstein in what is thought to be the final picture taken of him in prison

Dr. Michael Baden went on: ‘That’s right. No blood coming in or out…. with a manual strangulation, there’s a backup of a pressure and the little capillaries can rupture and they’re best seen in the eye.’

And so the plot thickens yet again.