Evidence of Invasion Collusion Between China and Russia Emerges

Anyone who’s made it through even the most basic high school history class about World War II can tell you that Hitler, while very much a singularly psychotic human being, could not have achieved all of the awful things that he achieved acting alone.  In fact, the group of nations that supported the genocidal maniac was even given their own, fitting nickname:  The Axis of Evil.

Now, with Russian President Vladimir Putin pulling the same sort of pre-World War II stunts as the infamous Adolf Hitler did, there is a rather significant concern that he, too, will find other likeminded nations to join in his folly.

For instance, China.

Senior Biden administration officials and a European official told The New York Times that there was an intelligence report that said China asked Russia to delay its invasion of Ukraine until after the Olympics.

The classified intelligence was shared among multiple governments, although sources told The Times it is not known how many nations saw the report or what different interpretations countries drew from the intelligence.

One official told the outlet that the intelligence wasn’t evidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping directly talked about the invasion.

The news comes just hours after China voted no on sanctioning Russia for their invasion of Ukraine, prompting fears of collusion between the two nations.