Evil Axis Expands as Vladimir Putin Signs Pact with…

Similarly to the days preceding World War II, we find our world in a rage divisive stage.  The nations of this globe are realigning themselves, finding like-minded philosophies and then working to bolster one another for the inevitable day that push comes to shove.

Some of the most obvious examples of this have come from the authoritarian nations of the world, with Russia reaching out to both China and Iran in the months following the immoral invasion of Ukraine, but now the Moscow Madman is hooking up with the dainty despot of the DPRK.

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Monday, promising to expand cooperation between the two countries despite being increasingly ostracized on the world stage.

“It said that we would continue to expand the comprehensive and constructive bilateral relations with common efforts, adding that this would entirely conform with the interests of the peoples of the two countries and contribute to strengthening the security and stability of the Korean peninsula and the whole of the Northeastern Asian region,” North Korean state media outlet KCNA wrote.

Even the timing was a bit of propaganda.

Putin sent the letter to commemorate the day of liberation, a national holiday that marks Korea’s liberation from Japan 77 years ago.

The move is just the latest authoritarian allegiance to go public, and this trend continues to suggest that World War III may be right around the corner.