Facebook Censors ‘MAGA May Day’ Protest Group for INSANE Reason!

The most pressing issue in America today seems to be the debate over whether or not we can begin to restart our economy after the extended hiatus we’ve had provided for us by COVID-19.

And we’re not talking about telling New Yorkers to start going to concerts again.  In many cases, the locales that wish to get back to business were smaller, more rural places where the population density didn’t act as a figurative accelerant for this novel strain of coronavirus.

Georgia, Tennessee, and parts of Texas are beginning to open up in the coming days, while other states sit back and observe.

In response to this reticence, a number of protests organizers have begun putting together an event for May 1st, and Facebook just isn’t having it.

Facebook has admitted to deleting an event page promoting an upcoming protest against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and draconian lockdown measures she has implemented across the state.

The demonstration, which is scheduled to take place in Lansing on April 30, was being publicized on the social media network on an event page titled, “Rally on the State Capitol Lawn,” which was allegedly reported to Facebook by other users.

Attendees hope to convince Michigan lawmakers to reject Gov. Whitmer’s request to extend the state of emergency for another 28 days.

Facebook staff have since deleted the event, claiming it violates company policies against advertising public assemblies which defy local social distancing rules.

Facebook’s insinuation that this anti-government protest would be against local ordinances seems redundant at the least, and paradoxical at best.

Facebook had to make a decision:  They would either be for or against freedom of speech.  They chose, and now we know where they stand.