FAKE MELANIA?! Twitter Users Claim Photo Proves FLOTUS is FAKE!

It doesn’t take much to spin up a conspiracy theories these days, and that doesn’t come as much surprise when you look at the history of conspiracy theories in general.

First of all, there aren’t many small conspiracy theories, right?  Our first real national foray into this maniacal form of media came after the assassination of JFK.  The next truly overwhelming theory came after 9/11.  And then, as the year 2020 devolved into an absolutely flabbergasting fracas of epic proportions, anybody and everybody found themselves at the center of some paranoid, fringe hypothesis.

So maybe it’s not at all surprising that there are new rumors swirling about the First Lady using a body double.

A picture of the US First Lady has sparked the resurgence of a conspiracy theory that Donald Trump uses a body double to stand in for his wife.

The hashtag #FakeMelania started trending on Twitter at the weekend after a picture emerged of Melania Trump boarding Marine One on the south lawn of the White House en route to the presidential debate in Nashville.

In the picture, the First Lady is wearing sunglasses but internet observers pointed out that her smile and teeth looked somewhat different from her usual appearance.

Twitter users seemed fairly convinced…

And this isn’t the first time that social media users believed that a phony FLOTUS was afoot:

At current, there appears to be no evidence that Melania Trump is actually using a stand-in, making this yet another wacky conspiracy theory in this year of nonsense.