Fans Ejected After Unfurling Massive ‘TRUMP WON’ Banner at Ballgame

Despite the constant contrary efforts of the mainstream media, there are still plenty of Americans out there with questions about what truly happened during the 2020 election, with some continuing to believe that perhaps Donald Trump was somehow cheated out of a second term in office.

Judges and pundits have been unwilling to jump on this bandwagon, however, and almost all talk of the alleged “rigging” is met with rolling eyes and uncontrolled scoffs.

At Fenway Park, demonstrating this sentiment will even get you kicked out of a Red Sox game.

A fan was kicked out of Fenway Park in Boston on Monday after unfurling a banner that read “Trump Won Save America.”

The fan, who has not been identified, unfurled the banner over the center field wall at the home of the Boston Red Sox during the fourth inning of the team’s win over the Miami Marlins, according to WMUR.

A team spokesperson said the act constituted a violation of the Red Sox’s policy prohibiting signs of any kind from being hung or affixed to the ballpark, and the person was immediately removed from the ballpark.

And, believe it or not, this isn’t the first time that this has happened.

The incident follows a similar one in Yankee Stadium late last month. Two fans were removed from the ballpark after they displayed a large banner declaring “Trump Won Save America.”

Images of the stunt were soon circulating on social media:

One can only imagine that the publicity of these banner maneuvers will only lead to further such displays in the not-so-distant future.