FBI Gets CHEWED OUT by President Trump on Live TV and You Won’t Believe Why!

President Trump has been under attack from the very moment that he stepped onto the American political stage.

Before he was even elected, there were rumors being floated by the likes of his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton that Donald Trump was some sort of Kremlin double agent, sent to do Vladimir Putin’s bidding.

That little bit of fiction led to a lengthy and expensive investigation known as “RussiaGate”, that ensnared former national security adviser Michael Flynn on charged of lying to the FBI.  Yesterday saw the release of handwritten notes from these FBI investigators that seemed to indicate that they were plotting to coerce a lie out of Flynn for the purpose of charging him.

President Trump let the world know how he felt about this revelation on Thursday.

President Trump vigorously defended his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn on Thursday after the disclosure of explosive new FBI documents in the case, but stopped short of saying he will pardon him.

FBI notes related to the agency’s January 2017 interview of Flynn concerning his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak were unsealed Wednesday, revealing that there was discussion over whether investigators were trying to get to the truth or looking to get Flynn to lie so he could be prosecuted or fired.

“They tormented him,” Trump said when taking questions following a meeting with New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy. The president went on to say that how the FBI treated Flynn, former Trump associate Roger Stone, and others was “a disgrace.”

Trump was asked whether he would pardon Flynn. He did not answer one way or the other, but maintained that Flynn did nothing wrong, and was the victim of “dirty cops” in the FBI.

“General Flynn is a fine man,” Trump said. “You don’t get to be where he is by being bad.”

General Flynn has been a central figure in the Qanon conspiracy theory, often touted by far-right social media users, and yesterday’s has undoubtedly roused their suspicions.