FBI Informant Reveals His Dirty Tricks on January 6th

For months, conservative onlookers have suggested that the violence on January 6th was stoked, at least in part, by a number of government agents that had infiltrated the crowd on that fateful day.

A plethora of video evidence exists in which MAGA Movement supporters could be seen imploring the more violent agitators in the crowd to stop what they were doing – particularly as they began to encroach upon the Capitol itself.

Court documents are now revealing that FBI agents embedded in the crowd were given the green light to break the law if it meant remaining undetected among the protesters.

An FBI informant who joined the Proud Boys and helped breach the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, says there was an understanding that he could commit crimes in certain situations.

The informant, named in court as Aaron, said that he spoke with his handling agent before traveling to Washington.

“Did your conversation with the agent contemplate what might happen if you encountered some people engaging in bad activity?” Aaron was asked.

“Yes. If there’s an emergency situation, and to protect myself from physical harm or worse, I have to do something minor, like if I’m surrounded by Antifa and I have to spray paint on a wall or break a window to try and get them to leave me alone, then that could be explained and would be much better than me being severely hurt,” Aaron testified on March 29, according to transcripts reviewed by The Epoch Times.

And then, reiterating the order:

“So when you say that that could be explained, what is your understanding of what that meant?” Aaron was asked.

“That I wouldn’t get in trouble if I did something minor like that if it was in the act of self-preservation,” he responded.

The news will almost certainly renew calls for an investigation into the FBI’s potential escalation of the tumult on January 6th, 2021, and cast a pall of doubt over the federal government’s official accounting of the event.