FBI is STILL Finding Biden’s Stolen Documents, This Time at…

One of the great, dirty secrets of American politics is that a vast majority of our elected officials believed themselves to be above the law.  This has been true for decades now, if not longer, it is perhaps one of the most infuriating realities of our governmental system.

Thankfully we are not meek here in the United States.  We have no problem speaking truth to power and exposing the lying criminality of the ruling class as often as is possible and necessary.

This week’s example comes to us from the University of Delaware, where investigators have discovered yet another cache of documents that were improperly stored there by President Joe Biden.

The FBI twice searched the University of Delaware in recent weeks for classified documents stashed by President Joe Biden and retrieved materials from two separate locations, according to a report Wednesday evening.

Though the material retrieved by the FBI reportedly did not have classified documents, the agency reportedly did take certain materials with them. “Investigators retrieved materials from two university locations on two different days. The material did not appear to have classified markings, according to the source, but they are now being reviewed by the FBI,” CNN reported.

Now here is where it gets unnerving.

That the FBI searched the University of Delaware is notable. According to a Government Accountability Institute analysis, the University of Delaware received more than $6.7 million from anonymous donors from China. The donors include direct funds from the Chinese government.

The university is the second academic institution where searches have occurred for stashes of Biden’s classified documents. Classified documents were found at the Penn Biden Center housed by the University of Pennsylvania, which has also received millions in anonymous donations from China. That trove was found on November 2.

The news comes just weeks after a tranche of classified documents were removed from a number of Biden’s properties, including some that were being held in the garage at one of his Delaware homes.