FBI Seized Dozens of Empty ‘Classified’ Folders from Mar-a-Lago

In the latest twist to the tale of the FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago, a recently released court document detailed a peculiar item seized from the home of former President Donald Trump.

There, amid what the government says were “classified” and “top secret” documents, (which is a claim refuted by Trump), were allegedly empty classified folders as well.

A federal judge on Friday unsealed a detailed list of the materials the FBI took from former President Donald Trump’s Florida home last month

Among the notable entries: “43 Empty Folders with ‘CLASSIFIED’ Banners.” There are other entries that have similar descriptions bringing a sum total of 48 empty folders that had “classified” markings.

There were also some items that likely weren’t covered in the government’s search warrant.

Also on the list are “documents and photographs without a classification marking” and “magazines” and “newspapers and articles.” The newly unsealed list from the DOJ also “describes hundreds upon hundreds of U.S. government documents collected by investigators without any classification markings that were grouped in some cases with only a few documents that bore classification markings ranging from Confidential to Top Secret/SCI,” reports ABC News.

Of course, the folders’ state of being empty does not necessarily mean that the documents were missing or hidden.  They very well could be on the itemized receipt outside of their folders, making this speculation just that:  Speculation.