FBI’s SHAMEFUL Behavior Exposed in WILD Internal Memos

The Federal Bureau of Investigation holds two rather profound distinctions within the American legal system, and they aren’t exactly the most complementary traits to have.

The agency is both powerful and ungovernable, like some sort of rogue police force on steroids, prone to the sort of political bias that only unelected bureaucrats can muster.  Worse still:  The situation has been in this untenable flux for decades, providing the agency’s bad actors with plenty of cover to misbehave.

This week, a number of internal memos have exposed a Bureau that has gone completely off the rails.

Scores of FBI employees have been caught over the last five years engaging in unethical and illegal conduct such as driving drunk, stealing property, assaulting a child, mishandling classified documents, and losing their service weapons — but they often escaped being fired, according to internal disciplinary files provided to Just The News.

How bad did things get?  The answer may surprise you.

One agent left a highly lethal M4 carbine unsecured in his government car during a Starbucks run and had the weapon stolen, but even he received only a two-week suspension despite violating the bureau’s protocols for weapons storage, the records show.

“Although there was a lockbox in the trunk for storage of weapons and sensitive items,” the agent chose to store the rifle bag behind the car’s front passenger seat, one report shows. “While Employee was in the Starbucks, the Bucar was burglarized. The rear passenger, rear driver, and tailgate windows were broken, and the rifle bag containing the M4 was stolen.”

And that’s not all:

Sexual misconduct was also rampant in the reports dating to 2017, including inappropriate affairs with felons in prison, confidential sources and subordinate employees. The sexual transgressions, however, often resulted in firings, unlike the drunk driving and lost weapons offenses.

The agency has been under constant criticism in recent years, thanks to the purported Democratic weaponization of the Bureau – something that House Republicans are looking to investigate rather thoroughly in the coming weeks.