Feds Arrest Another Nat Guardsman In Online Sting

We’ve all heard stories of criminals trying to hire a hitman to take out their enemies, but this latest case involving a Tennessee Air National Guardsman is a shocking sting that has rocked a community.

Josiah Ernesto Garcia, 21, was arrested earlier this week after he allegedly submitted an employment inquiry to RentAHitman.com, a parody website that tips off federal authorities to potential murder-for-hire plotters. According to prosecutors, Garcia said he worked for the Air National Guard while submitting a query expressing interest in “obtaining employment as a hitman.”

In his resume, Garcia reportedly indicated that he had “military experience and rifle expertise” and required an “in-depth job description.” He also allegedly revealed that his nickname was “Reaper” because of his “Military experience and Marksmanship.”

Garcia was eventually contacted by an undercover FBI employee, who arranged a phone interview and then a meeting at a Nashville restaurant. During the conversation, Garcia admitted that he was comfortable taking fingers and ears as trophies for his clients, and asked whether “fifteen to twenty thousand would be too much to ask” for each mark.

The undercover agent then presented Garcia with a “target packet” that consisted of photos and a description of a fake abusive husband of a client. The job, the agent said, would pay $5,000 if the target was killed within the next 10 days. Garcia was arrested after taking the money.

In an interview with federal authorities, Garcia stated he was looking for work because he needed “money and his family could not afford rent” and that he had been looking into becoming a hired killer for “some time now” to “make good money.” He admitted that he had even been worried the agent was law enforcement—but was “now comfortable” after meeting in person and was confident in his military training.

This case is a stark reminder that even those in the military can succumb to the lure of money and violence. As we continue to combat crime and violence in our society, it is important to keep a close eye on those who are serving in our military as well.