Florida Legislators Make Enormous Move Against Biden Vaccine Mandate

When it comes to medical freedom, the State of Florida is doing all that they can to uphold the gold standard, despite increasing pressure from the Biden administration.

The latest round of protections come from a legislative maneuver that would limit what sort of mandates and enforcement would be allowed in the Sunshine State.

Senate Bill 1 seeks to ban private-sector employers from requiring their employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 unless they allow at least five specific exemptions to the mandate, including for medical and religious reasons and immunity from a prior COVID-19 infection.

Additionally, the bill would allow employees to opt out of vaccine mandates if they agree to be tested regularly, which the worker would not be financially liable for, and if they agree to use employer-provided personal protective equipment.

The bill would also forbid employers in the government and public education sector from mandating COVID-19 vaccines.

The move comes amid a flurry of actions by Governor Ron DeSantis that appeared to suggest a similar sentiment from the Florida lawmaker.  There is little doubt that DeSantis will sign the bill into law.

The Governor revealed an ingenious plan the other day in which he outlined the possibility of using federal COVID-19 funds to pay the federal fines for businesses that ran afoul of the Biden administration’s mandates.