Florida Man Falls Off Bicycle, Is Then Attacked by Alligator

There are some things that canĀ only happen in the state of Florida, and this week was no exception.

The Sunshine State has always had its fair share of wild and crazy stories, often involving hard drugs like methamphetamine, half-dressed individuals, and wildlife such as invasive pythons, falling iguanas, or the ever-present Florida staple – the alligator.

A bicyclist was attacked by a roughly 9-foot long alligator at a park in Stuart, Florida, on Monday, according to authorities.

The unidentified man was riding his bike on a trail at Halpatiokee Regional Park around 11 a.m., when he lost control and fell “about six feet down an embankment” and into a body of water, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook.

He was believed to have landed close to a female alligator who was near her nest, reports said. After he fell, the gator bit the man, severely injuring him.

“The cyclist was able to break free then crawl to an area where he was assisted by a bystander,” the sheriff’s office said.

Authorities say that the gator in question has been located and trapped.

Gator experts warned both native Floridians and tourists that they must be careful near bodies of water known to harbor the creatures, and especially during this time of year as adult females are guarding their nests.