Foreign Newspaper Suggests Trump Will NUKE American Protesters!

There has been plenty of hyperbole flying around in the media these days, both mainstream and social, and some of the storylines are now starting to blur together a bit.

Sure, some of this has to do with the fact that Americans are suffering from news fatigue, no doubt.  We went from a pandemic, to murder hornets, to Black Lives Matter, to martial law in a matter of 10 weeks.  That’s enough to put anyone’s head on a swivel.

Now, one of communist China’s state run newspaper is hyping up another bizarre cataclysm on the horizon.

China’s state-run Global Times propaganda newspaper fretted on Tuesday that President Donald Trump may use a nuclear weapon against rioters destroying neighborhoods in the nation’s biggest cities, declaring America a “failed state.”

The Chinese Communist Party has used its propaganda arms in the past week to denounce not just President Trump, but American democracy as an inferior system to Chinese authoritarianism and promote the claim that only iron-fisted one-party rule will result in racial harmony in the United States. None of the articles on racism in state media have mentioned that Chinese businesses in Guangzhou, one of the country’s largest cities, banned black-skinned people from hotels, restaurants, and other locales last month after the Communist Party perpetuated the claim that only foreigners could infect people with Chinese coronavirus.

Instead, the Global Times claimed in one article that the riots throughout America “expose a ‘failed state’” under the “weak, irresponsible, and incompetent leadership of President Trump. Riots have targeted impoverished neighborhoods in many cities, beginning in Minneapolis, after a police offered killed Minnesota resident George Floyd on video. Floyd was unarmed and did not appear to be resisting arrest, instead pleading with the officer to let him breathe. The officer has been charged with third-degree murder.

Things then turned completely wacky.

“How ruthless these U.S. politicians are! They talk about humanity, justice, and morality all the time. They condemned Hong Kong police simply for the latter’s use of tear gas and water cannon against violent rioters. The U.S. unrest just began a few days ago, but police already fired shots at protesters before efforts for peaceful dialogue were even made,” the newspaper continued.

“Where are the human rights? Where is their respect for life? The US politicians show zero tolerance to unrest, but they launched countless attacks on other countries’ efforts to safeguard the rule of law,” the column concluded. “If this was organized subversion, what would they do? Will they drop an atomic bomb?”

The absurd claim comes just weeks after many US legislators began questioning China’s response to the coronavirus crisis, wondering if perhaps they manipulated data in order to let the rest of the world get caught off guard.