Former Governor Drops Hint About Launching Third Party Campaign for 2020

With less than 100 days to go until the 2020 election takes place, most of us were fairly certain that we knew what we were getting.

This was going to be former Vice President Joe Biden going up against incumbent Republican President Donald Trump, in the battle between the swamp-drainer and the Democrat’s most entrenched vermin.  The contest is largely being hyped as a fight between the status quo and the guy looking to flip the table, and as a referendum as to how much Americans enjoyed the last three-plus years of shaking-and-baking on The Beltway.

But, now a wildcard doth appear:  Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.

“There’s a movement out there to elect me,” the World According to Jesse host said.

Ventura said a group attempting to recruit him took out a full-page ad in the “White Bear paper telling me this is happening and warning me to be ready to go.”

Admitting he didn’t know what was going to happen, Ventura conceded, “If I were to get into this race, my message would be simple: We need an independent right now because if Biden gets elected, or Trump gets reelected, the polarization is going to continue and it’s going to get worse.”

He theorized the way to get unity is for the “two gangs” — the Republican and Democrat parties — to “get a common enemy,” referring to himself.

Ventura said with an independent president, both parties would be “in bed together” making harmony.

Should Ventura find his way into the race, he would join the ranks of other unlikely candidates such as hip hop mogul Kanye West and Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgenson.