Former President Trump Denies Any Wrong-Doing In New Leaked Recording

Former President Donald Trump has responded to a leaked recording that allegedly shows him discussing classified documents, insisting that he did nothing wrong. In an interview with Fox News Digital, Trump dismissed the recording as another hoax and claimed it was election interference. He stated that everything was fine and that he and his team did nothing wrong, emphasizing that this was a whole hoax perpetuated by the “fake news” media.

Trump was recently indicted and arraigned on criminal charges related to the alleged improper retention of classified records. He pleaded not guilty to the charges, which include illegally retaining national security records and obstructing federal efforts to recover the documents. The former president now faces 37 felony charges.

The leaked audio recording, obtained by CNN, allegedly captures Trump discussing classified materials during a meeting at his golf club in New Jersey. He is heard referring to the documents as “the papers” and discussing top-secret U.S. military attack plans on Iran, claiming that the plan came from Pentagon officials. Trump can also be heard stating that the information was classified and highly confidential.

When asked to address the contradiction between the audio recording and his previous statement to Fox News’ Bret Baier, where he claimed there was no document, Trump reiterated his defense that he had a desk full of various papers, including news clippings and plans. He maintained that what was said during the meeting was absolutely fine and that he and his team did nothing wrong.

Regarding concerns about his voice on the recording, Trump dismissed any wrongdoing, stating that his voice was fine and that he did not say anything wrong. He expressed confidence that there would be no other recordings that could materialize, asserting that he does things right and is a legitimate person.

In addition to addressing the leaked recording, Trump took aim at President Joe Biden, accusing him of receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from people and countries without providing proof. He claimed that unlike Biden, he does things right and is unconcerned about any recordings that may surface.

The former president’s remarks came during an interview in Concord, New Hampshire, where he was preparing to deliver a keynote address at a fundraising gala. Trump’s visit coincided with a public opinion survey showing him expanding his lead in the GOP presidential nomination polls, surpassing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis, who was also in New Hampshire holding a town hall, responded to Trump’s attacks by emphasizing that he can effectively respond and push back. He highlighted his endorsements in the state and expressed confidence in building momentum as the campaign progresses.

As Trump’s campaign unveiled its initial New Hampshire grassroots leadership team, his double-digit victory in the state’s 2016 primary was mentioned as a significant boost to his eventual nomination and presidency. When asked about a potential second Trump administration, the former president mentioned several former staff members he would consider, praising some and criticizing others.

Trump’s supporters in New Hampshire expressed their enthusiasm and commitment to his campaign, with plans to build a strong grassroots network and engage in door-to-door canvassing.

Overall, Trump remains defiant in the face of the leaked recording, maintaining his innocence and dismissing it as another attempt to undermine his presidency.

Fox News