Former Rep. Gabbard Calls Out Dems for ‘Abuse of Power’

In a recent statement, former Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard took aim at her former Democratic colleagues, accusing them of engaging in a relentless pursuit of former President Donald Trump through legal means. Gabbard, who has distanced herself from the Democratic Party in recent times, asserted that these prosecutions are part of a broader effort to divert Trump’s attention and resources away from a potential 2024 presidential bid.

Gabbard shared her thoughts via a brief video on X, where she argued that these legal actions against Trump reveal the Democratic Party’s fear that he might make a successful comeback in the next presidential election. She maintained that this perceived fear was driving what she termed an “egregious abuse of power” by President Joe Biden and the Democratic elite.

In her video, Gabbard stated, “The political prosecution of Trump is an obvious attempt by Biden/Dem elite to drain Trump’s attention and resources.” She went on to criticize the Democratic Party, claiming that their actions demonstrated “utter contempt for democracy and the rule of law.” She also pointed out the irony in their rhetoric about “protecting democracies around the world.”

Gabbard didn’t mince words in her assessment, suggesting that the Democrats’ motives extended beyond mere legal proceedings. “Anyone who’s looking at what’s happening with clear eyes and an open mind can recognize how overtly they are trying to keep President Trump off of the campaign trail,” she asserted. She contended that their goal was to prevent Trump from making his case to voters, indicating their fear that he could secure victory once again.

According to Gabbard, the consequences of these actions go beyond Trump himself. “What they’re really doing is setting this precedent that puts the United States of America not on a high platform of trying to be an example of democracy to the world, but of reducing our great country to none other than a banana republic and an abuse of power that we see happening in other countries around the world,” she emphasized.

Gabbard, who has been increasingly critical of President Biden and the Democratic Party’s policies, particularly those affecting free speech and expression, contends that such actions represent an alarming departure from constitutional principles. She suggests that they amount to the use of government power to punish political opponents.