Former Trump associate believes the President may resign

President Trump doesn’t much seem like a man who loses at anything, and that has many political observers unsure about just how this latest impeachment push could evolve.

There are now two official whistleblowers who believe that Donald Trump’s phone calls with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky were inappropriate and possibly unconstitutional, with the second anonymous complainant revealing their grievances are of a more “direct knowledge” than those of their predecessor.

This means that Donald Trump is in for a mighty fight against the Democrats, who already believe that they have enough votes to pass Articles of Impeachment in the House.

And while Trump and his associates continue to project an air of confidence that the truth shall set them free, one former associate believes that the President could soon be turning in his notice.

“He does a lot of things to save face,” Barbara Res, a former Trump Organization vice president, told CNN’s Brian Stelter on Reliable Sources Sunday.

“It would be very, very, very bad for him to be impeached,” Res said. “I don’t know that he’ll be found guilty but I don’t know that he wants to be impeached. I think that’s what this panic is about. And my gut [instinct] is that he’ll leave office, he’ll resign. Or make some kind of a deal, even, depending on what comes out.”

This wasn’t a very confident prediction, however.

Res said she was hesitant to share her opinion, because “I could very well be wrong.”

President Trump has shown no signs of any such contemplation, however, repeatedly denying any wrongdoing in the instances being targeted by the Democrats’ “formal impeachment inquiry”.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats likely have the votes to pass Articles of Impeachment in the House as early as this week – a move that very well may play into the hands of Trump himself.