Former Trump campaign manger clashes with dems on Capitol Hill

The animosity of the political ruling class these days is something to truly behold.

Our nation has been verily torn asunder by the mainstream media in recent years, as these infotainment networks exploit our emotional responses to conflict in order to drive ratings and revenue.  It’s a trick of the subconscious mind.  It’s the same reason we watch sports. In fact, politics are very much America’s most singularly divisive sport, as there are only two real teams in the 21st century.

The cumulative effect here is startling:  We simply loathe one another based on who they vote for, and, instead of hiding from that sort of criticism, we find ourselves adorned in red baseball caps and putting “Bernie 2020” stickers on our cars.

It is this Team A versus Team B mentality that has folks like House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler attempting to grill a former Trump campaign manager over a long-dead conspiracy theory.

The House Judiciary Committee’s first hearing as part of its Trump impeachment investigation descended into chaos Tuesday as Democrats clashed with a combative Corey Lewandowski, trading insults and accusations with the former Trump campaign manager, who refused to answer many of their questions.

After five hours of testimony before lawmakers, the top Democrat on the committee, Rep. Jerry Nadler, told Lewandowski his “behavior in this hearing room has been completely unacceptable,” and said holding him “in contempt” is “certainly under consideration.”

Lewandowski immediately frustrated Nadler, the committee’s chairman, during the Democrat’s first question earlier in the day – when the witness, in an apparent effort to stall for time, repeatedly asked Nadler to point to the specific section in the Robert Mueller report related to his question. Lewandowski was following White House orders not to discuss confidential conversations with the president beyond what was already public in the former special counsel’s report.

Asked by Nadler if he met alone with President Donald Trump in June 2017, Lewandowski said, “Could you read the exact language of the report? I don’t have it available to me.”

Lewandowski had been instructed by the White House not to stray beyond the meat and potatoes of the Mueller report, with the President and republicans accusing the democrats of merely attempting to re-investigate what the special counsel had already spent 22 months and $25 million looking into.