Former Tucker Carlson Producer Receives $12 Million Settlement With Fox News!

Fox News has reached a settlement agreement with former producer Abby Grossberg, who filed two lawsuits against the network alleging a hostile and discriminatory work environment. As part of the settlement, Fox News will pay Grossberg a sum of $12 million, resolving all of her claims against the network, former host Tucker Carlson, and other individuals named in her suits.

Grossberg’s attorney expressed optimism that this resolution represents a positive step toward addressing workplace issues concerning women and minorities at Fox News. While Grossberg maintains her original claims, she acknowledged that the network’s willingness to address her legal claims is encouraging.

Fox News, which had previously disputed Grossberg’s allegations, confirmed the resolution of her complaint. A spokesperson for the network stated that they are pleased to have resolved the matter without further litigation.

This settlement comes amidst a series of recent company shakeups and legal matters faced by Fox News. In April, the network settled a lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems for a substantial amount of $787.5 million. Shortly after, Tucker Carlson was abruptly fired and his popular show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” was canceled.

Abby Grossberg, who served as the chief booker of guests for Carlson’s show, alleged a sexist and anti-Semitic work environment, including crude jokes and offensive imagery targeting prominent figures such as Nancy Pelosi. She specifically accused Tucker Carlson of making sexist and racist remarks, claiming that he made her professional life miserable.

When the lawsuit was initially filed, Carlson responded by saying he had never met Grossberg and knew nothing about her. Grossberg joined Carlson’s team in September 2022, while he primarily worked remotely from a studio in Maine. Prior to her role on Carlson’s show, Grossberg had worked as a senior producer for host Maria Bartiromo since 2019.

“I know nothing about her. I never met her,” Carlson told NPR after Grossberg’s filed the lawsuit. Grossberg joined Carlson’s team in September 2022, however, Carlson mostly worked remotely from a studio in Maine.

Grossberg’s second lawsuit, which has been dismissed as a result of the settlement, accused Fox News’ legal team of pressuring her to lie during her deposition for the Dominion lawsuit. She alleged feeling compelled to defend Carlson when questioned about his use of a sexist term.

Fox News vehemently denied Grossberg’s allegations of intimidation and retaliation, including her claim that she was fired shortly after filing her complaints. Justin Wells, a former top producer of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and one of the individuals named in the hostile work environment lawsuit, released a statement denying the allegations while expressing satisfaction that Fox has settled the matter.