Fox News Buried Story: Watch Shocking Capital Police Chief Interview with Tucker Carlson!

In a recent interview with former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, Tucker Carlson shed light on critical intelligence failures surrounding the January 6, 2021 protest at the U.S. Capitol. The interview, which had been kept from the public, underscores the apparent lack of communication and transparency that ultimately led to the security breach.

Sund, a veteran law enforcement officer with over three decades of experience, revealed that vital intelligence about potential threats ahead of the protest was withheld from the Capitol Police. This information was reportedly not shared with his team, despite other agencies such as the FBI and DHS possessing concerning intelligence related to the event. Notably, neither the FBI nor other relevant outfits issued any official documents specifically addressing the January 6 event.

Sund’s account implies a troubling disconnect between intelligence agencies and the Capitol Police. He stated that the information available to his team suggested the event would resemble previous MAGA rallies, failing to indicate the looming danger against law enforcement officers, the Capitol building, and members of Congress.

Further raising suspicions, Sund highlighted that acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley had discussed locking down Washington, D.C. due to concerns about violence on January 6. Despite this, Sund was not informed, and the National Guard was subsequently restricted from carrying weapons and civil disobedience equipment, potentially hampering their ability to respond effectively.

Sund also detailed his attempts to obtain approval for federal assistance, specifically from the National Guard, in the days leading up to the protest. He reached out to then-House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving and then-Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael Stenger, both members of the Capitol Police Board. However, his requests were denied twice, reportedly due to concerns over optics and intelligence not aligning with the need for reinforcement.

The interview raises questions about the decision-making process within the Capitol Police Board and the potential for political considerations to have influenced security preparations. The delay in authorizing the National Guard’s assistance during the breach itself, despite the severity of the situation, has sparked speculation about the motivations behind such actions.

As Carlson noted during the interview, the series of events and decisions surrounding the security response to January 6 could be interpreted as more than just an “intelligence failure.” The emerging narrative points towards a potential setup, wherein key information was withheld, necessary reinforcements were denied, and crucial decisions were delayed.

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