Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Comes to Tucker Carlson’s Defense!

Hello, fellow patriots. Sarah Davis here, bringing you the latest on the scandal surrounding former Fox News host, Tucker Carlson. As many of you may already know, multiple clips of Carlson’s off-camera remarks were recently leaked, and the media has been having a field day with it.

Despite the uproar, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld has been a vocal defender of Carlson. In fact, he has taken to Twitter to respond to the recent clip leaked by Media Matters for America that showed Carlson making “casual comments” to a makeup artist. Gutfeld called out Media Matters for their role in disseminating videos seemingly to damage the reputation of Carlson, tweeting, “Imagine having to tell your parents that your job is narcing on the casual comments of other people while they, happily unaware, make a living.”

Gutfeld’s response has been viewed more than 2.5 million times, which shows that many people agree with his stance. He has also been critical of “hall monitor failures” like Media Matters and The New York Times, who he believes are engaging in an orchestrated “destruction campaign” against Carlson.

Though the smear campaign was hoping to destroy Tucker and make him Look bad, the opposite has happened. The 8 pm Fox News slot has continued to fall and fans are angered.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly has also spoken out against the leaked clips, calling them “absurd” and a clear attempt at a “destruction campaign.” Kelly believes that Fox News is suffering due to this unfair treatment of their number one star and that the media is being used as tools to further this internal work dispute.