Fox News Poll for 2020 Has Democrats Shaking in Their Boots!

As the run-up to the 2020 election begins to quicken, the Democrats have found themselves in quite the pickle.

You see, their most enthusiastic demographic, (the youth), are enamored with Bernie Sanders – a longtime Senator from Vermont who also happens to identify as a democratic socialist.

The establishment heads of the party are completely incensed at this development, believing that Sanders will not only deprive them of their long-running scams via his economic revolution, but also that the Vermont Senator stands no chance against incumbent President Donald Trump in the general election.

They’re not wrong, at least not according to the latest Fox News poll.

Bernie Sanders pushes Joe Biden out of the frontrunner spot for the Democratic nomination, capturing a record 31 percent support among primary voters in a new Fox News Poll. This is the first 2020 Fox national poll that finds Biden not leading the Democratic race.

The survey also finds a marked increase in the number of voters who think President Trump will win the election.

Sanders has gained 8 percentage points since January in the nomination race, while Biden drops into second with 18 percent, down 8 points. Close behind is Mike Bloomberg at 16 percent, up 6 points since last month and triple his 5 percent in December. Pete Buttigieg comes in at 12 percent (up 5), Elizabeth Warren at 10 percent (down 4), and Amy Klobuchar at 5 percent (up 2).

And then there’s the odd set of numbers revolving around the nucleus of President Trump.

Forty-two percent would vote to re-elect Trump if the election were today. That’s up from 38 percent in May 2019 and the largest share he’s received to-date.

On the other side, a majority of 52 percent would vote for someone else. That puts the president underwater by 10 points, an improvement from a net negative of 16 points in May 2019.

At the extremes: 32 percent would definitely vote for Trump vs. 45 would definitely back someone else.

Despite those findings, 56 percent think Trump will be re-elected. That’s up from 44 percent in October.  Expectations increased among Republicans (+9 points) and Democrats (+16). Eight years ago, 52 percent thought former President Obama would be re-elected.

As for an alternative to Bernie Sanders, the Democrats have only shown any real interest in former Vice President Joe Biden.  Unfortunately, Biden has been lackluster during debates and downright ridiculous outside of them, at one point calling a town hall attendee “a damn liar”.