Fox News Poll: Majority of Nation Wants Trump Impeached and Removed

Americans certainly understood that the idea of Donald Trump as President was going to take some time to adjust to.  Heck, any non-political insider in the Oval Office was going to have its wild moments.

But, boy; nothing like this.

We have a “resistant” Democratic Party whose only goal, day in and day out, is to oppose whatever it is that President Donald Trump is doing.

Then we have Trump himself, who seems hellbent on accelerating what appears to be an inevitable impeachment waged against him, hoping to have the entire debacle behind him before America heads to the polls in 2020.

As this war rages, the public opinion of the mess has now had a major shift.

A majority of American voters want President Donald Trump to be impeached and removed from office, according to a new poll from Fox News.

In a record high, 51% of those surveyed in the poll said they want the president impeached and removed from office, and 4% want Trump to be impeached but not removed. Meanwhile, 40% said they oppose impeachment all together.

The results indicate a remarkable shift in public opinion over the last several months, as the president continues grappling with an escalating congressional impeachment inquiry looking at whether he used his public office for private gain.

President Trump’s recently worsening behavior has been seen as an attempt to force the hand of the Democratic Party, all to adhere to the aforementioned, pre-2020 timeline.

These latest polls are indicative that the President’s attempts to hurry the process up are working.