Fox News Poll Spells Trouble for President Trump

There was once a time in which the biases of the mainstream media were a figment of the national imagination.

We can no longer simply accept that this is the case, however, thanks to the continued and consist power that these entertainment companies exert over the national discourse.

Even the companies who purport to be on the side of President Trump don’t seem to be able to shake the feeling.

A Fox News poll released Sunday found that half of Americans say President Trump should be impeached and removed from office.

Fifty percent of respondents supported the president’s impeachment and removal, while 4 percent backed impeachment but not removal. Forty-one percent opposed impeachment.

The statistics are largely unchanged from Fox News’s poll in late October that found 49 percent backing impeachment and removal, 4 percent supporting only impeachment, and 41 percent opposing both.

Between the two polls, the House Intelligence Committee held two weeks of public hearings with former and current Trump officials, and the House Judiciary Committee debated and approved two articles of impeachment. The public hearings apparently did not influence voters’ views.

President Trump has been critical of Fox News previously, believing that the infotainment organization has has been unfair to his presidency.