Georgia Grand Jury Issues Startling Subpoenas Against Trump Allies

As the January 6th Select Committee continues to exert their own brand of pressure on Donald Trump’s ecosystem, a second investigation into the former President’s actions in the wake of the 2020 election has begun to get rather serious.

Trump, who was heard on a phone call to Georgia State electoral officials asking for some assistance in an investigation of the contest, can likely now feel the noose tightening…especially as a grand jury in the Peach State begins to issue subpoenas to some of the folks who Trump once kept close.

A Fulton County grand jury has issued a slew of subpoenas to seven people, including Rudy Giuliani, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and conservative lawyer John Eastman, as part of an investigation surrounding former President Trump.

And that wasn’t all:

In addition to Giuliani, Graham and Eastman, who helped develop the legal case for overturning the 2020 election, podcast host Jacki Pick Deason and campaign legal advisers Kenneth Chesebro, Jenna Ellis and Cleta Mitchell also received subpoenas.

The group had expressed their concerns over the results of the Georgia electoral college count after the state turned blue for the first time since the 1990’s, and at a time in which voter turnout was particularly high.

The subpoenas appeared to be justified in several different ways, with some even accusing the Trump loyalists of being involved in the so-called “fake electors” plot that the Democrats have consistently attempted to conjure some evidence for.