Giuliani Again Mentions ‘Insurance Policy’ Against Being ‘Disappeared’

It would be incredibly difficult to explain to your past self, even you past self of only a few months ago, that Rudy Giuliani would be on television claiming to have a secret “insurance policy” against Donald Trump in the case that he should suddenly be overcome by some unexpected and fatal circumstance.

But, here we are.

Rudy Giuliani, a focus of the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s foreign policy dealings, suggested he has dirt on the Biden family that would be released were he to get into trouble — after earlier hinting he has a plan if he should fall out of favor with the president.

Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, described on Twitter Saturday as “sarcastic” recent comments, on Fox News and elsewhere, about having “an insurance policy” against the president, and instead pivoted to Biden.

That followed a Fox News interview during which he was asked whether Trump might soon conclude that Giuliani is a liability, and throw him “under the bus.”

“This is ridiculous,” Giuliani, 75, said. “We are very good friends. He knows what I did was in order to defend him, not to dig up dirt on Biden.”

Without offering proof, Giuliani tweeted that he had “files in my safe about the Biden Family’s 4 decade monetizing” of the former vice president and senator’s office. “If I disappear, it will immediately appear.”

During this latest round of impeachment testimony, it became quite evidence that Rudy Giuliani was fond of some fringe thinking and conspiracy theories, and this claim of a “dead man’s switch” would fit into any of those tall tales well.

President Trump has been defending Giuliani as of late, indicating that perhaps the two are on much better terms than the press has painted it.