Giuliani Has Rough Day in Court, Gets Direction to Nearest Martini Bar

Rudy Giuliani is the kind of guy who’ll take on any challenge.  He’s a habitual doer, and he’s always busy.

Maybe that’s the New York in him.  His hometown is the city that never sleeps, and he’s out here trying to keep up.

This week, as Rudy continues to put in work on the President’s legal team, it seems as though he might be having trouble keeping all these proverbial plates spinning. 

Rudy Giuliani returned to federal court for the first time since 1992 to argue for his client Donald Trump Tuesday, as the president ran out of lawyers and legal options, and was left using the former mayor as his frontman.

But the hearing was far from smooth or convincing, with Giuliani stumbling over the law and the facts, calling his opponent ‘that man who was angry at me’ and needing the meaning of ‘opacity’ explained to him by the judge.

Then came the fun stuff.

After hearing arguments and motions for a total of six hours, Brann peppered Giuliani with questions and gave his team until 5pm Wednesday to file a new brief. If they do not the case could be dismissed by default.

After a long day of arguments, he advised counsel on both sides ‘off the record’ about area restaurants, as well as a martini bar and a brew pub.

Rudy Giuliani is a firecracker, that’s for sure, but the jury is out on just how much fuse he’s got left.