Gold Star Families Appealing for Answers from President Biden

In a notable display of media silence, the families of the 13 courageous U.S. service members who tragically lost their lives outside Kabul’s airport during the tumultuous military withdrawal from Afghanistan found themselves seeking answers before Congress on Monday. However, those who turned to mainstream outlets such as ABC, CBS, and NBC were met with an unsettling void, as these networks conspicuously ignored the heart-wrenching hearing, according to a meticulous observation by the Media Research Center (MRC).

The absence of coverage from ABC’s “World News Tonight,” “CBS Evening News,” and “NBC Nightly News” underscored a concerning trend in the mainstream media’s selective narrative. These networks appeared to prioritize frivolous matters over the testimonies and pleas of Gold Star families whose lives were forever altered by the devastating events in Afghanistan.

During the congressional forum convened by Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., the Gold Star families shared poignant and emotional accounts of their experiences, recounting how they felt betrayed and deceived by their own government. Shockingly, some family members even had the audacity to name President Biden and his Cabinet officials directly, imploring them to take responsibility and resign. In a particularly raw moment, a grieving father of a fallen U.S. Marine directly challenged the president, urging him to “be a grown a– man” and face the consequences of his actions.

The networks’ decision to overlook this momentous hearing, in favor of trivial topics like the Mega Millions lottery numbers (ABC), the performance of an anti-American women’s soccer team in the World Cup (CBS), and a mundane update on a plastic plant fire investigation (NBC), highlights a stark disconnect between the mainstream media’s priorities and the concerns that truly matter to the American people.

While ABC, CBS, and NBC remained conspicuously silent on the matter, the families’ calls for accountability and truth were not lost on everyone. The Defense Department expressed its deepest condolences to the Gold Star Families and acknowledged their immense sacrifices during the chaotic evacuation operations. Their profound loss was met with appreciation for the dedication and valor of the service men and women who served honorably during the tumultuous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

It is crucial to note that this is not the first instance of media bias, as just last month, these very networks ignored Rep. Jim Jordan’s revelation of “smoking-gun documents” exposing Facebook’s censorship of Americans on behalf of the Biden administration. This apparent pattern of omission begs the question: are these networks truly dedicated to providing comprehensive and unbiased news coverage, or are they actively shaping a narrative that aligns with their own agenda?

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