Goldberg Says There’s A Fake Epstein List That Has Her Name On It

During a segment on ABC’s “The View”, notorious liberal commentator Whoopi Goldberg confessed that she is apparently on the infamous Jeffrey Epstein list, which lists people who were on Epstein‘s private island and took part in unsavory activities. However, Goldberg was quick to deny these outrageous claims saying she was on a “fake” list and slammed conspiracy theorists who continue to spread false information about her and other public figures.

According to Goldberg, the list was created as part of a conspiracy theory, and her name was included despite having no connection to Epstein or his crimes.

“I — I was — I don’t know, they say I was on the island, they say — and I’m like, I don’t go anywhere!” Goldberg replied, prompting laughter from the table. “So I’m just going to say, and there’s been a lot of stuff recently, I don’t know what I’ve done to anybody, apparently there are a lot of these, these kind of sites that are — what do you call them — they’re satire sites, but people don’t realize that they can be harmful.”

Goldberg’s fellow co-host, Sunny Hostin, emphasized the fact that just because someone’s name is on the unsealed documents does not mean they are guilty of any criminal or irresponsible acts.

“Just because your name is on the documents doesn’t mean that you have done anything criminally irresponsible or illegal or civilly irresponsible or illegal,” she said. “Being named in this suit does not equate to being accused of wrongdoing … I think that is extremely important because conspiracy theorists seem to not understand or enjoy facts.”

Goldberg also took the opportunity to clear up other false rumors that have been circulating about her, such as being kicked out of popular restaurants or getting into fights with other celebrities.

“So let me just get my part out,” she continued. “I never got kicked out of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant; never got kicked out of Guy Fieri’s restaurant; I didn’t get kicked off Bill Maher’s show; I didn’t get into a fight with Oprah backstage here at ‘The View.’ I mean it just goes — it’s insane.”