GOP Staffers Stick it to Pelosi with Beer Pong and Cigars

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s latest push to bring back the House mask mandate has been rife with hiccups from the start, and the issues only became more severe on Thursday,

Pelosi had, at one point, appeared to command that the Capitol Police start arresting anyone who defied her orders to be masked within the Capitol.  The agency then released a statement that suggested that no one was going to be arrested for violations of the rule, embarrassing Pelosi in the process.

Now, in an act of defiance that reeks of Ivy League privilege, some Republican staffers defied Pelosi’s mandate by smoking cigars and playing beer pong in the halls of government.

And then…

Pelosi’s reintroduction of the mask rules came in response to an uptick in COVID cases throughout the nation, thanks to the new “delta” variant of the virus.