GROTESQUE: Video Shows Dog Chewing Arm of Dead Russian in Ukraine

Russia is currently being thoroughly embarrassed in Ukraine, as the world begins to understand that the Kremlin troop’s haven’t mustered half of the gumption of their targets.

Things are going bad.  In fact, they’re going bad bad.  Russia has lost a vast amount of their standing in the world as a result of their immense losses in Ukraine.

Now, in what must certainly be the most gruesome and viscerally accurate depictions of the Kremlin’s indelibly weak effort, video images have surfaced of a canine in Ukraine making a snack of a fallen Russian soldier.

A dog has been filmed eating a dead Russian soldier’s limb left behind on the battlefield.

Ukrainian fighters have recently shared a number of graphic videos of pets gorging on the dead bodies of enemy troops.

The clip was shared on the infamous Cargo 200 Telegram channel, which has become a giant repository of gruesome footage of the war, particularly dead Russian servicemen.

And this isn’t anything new…

Back in October, a similarly grisly scene was posted on the same Telegram channel of a white and brown cat gnawing at the mangled remains of a soldier, who was later identified by the channel as a Russian.

In this latest footage, a dog with a black coat is seen gnawing at what looks like a human leg.

The horrid footage is available below, but we must warn you that the images are not for the faint of heart.