Hawley Introduces DRASTIC New Immigration Bill to Congress

Photo by Gage Skidmore.

As the midterm elections approach, there are a number of disparate ways in which the nation is being pulled.

The two-party system is the biggest culprit here, of course, as the left and the right continue to tug at Americans’ electoral consciences in order to secure their vote.  For the Democrats, it’s all about abortion, and codifying Roe v. Wade, as the left seeks to mobilize women voters.

On the right, however, it’s immigration, with millions of migrants pouring over the border under President Joe Biden’s administration.

Senator Josh Hawley is adding a new piece of legislation to this conversation this week as well.

Legislation being introduced by Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., on Tuesday would allow states to enforce federal immigration law, including the deportation of illegal immigrants – as Hawley calls for the U.S. to “take the gloves off” to fight unlawful immigration.

The “Empowering States to Deport Illegal Immigrants Act” would authorize state and local law enforcement officers to enforce certain federal immigration laws, and comes amid ongoing Republican claims that the Biden administration is refusing to secure the border.

The bill would effectively abrogate a 2012 Supreme Court case which significantly limited the ability for states to be involved in immigration enforcement. Instead, the bill would allow states to use their resources for immigration enforcement.

And also:

It would give power to state prosecutors to initiate prosecutions for violations of federal immigration law. States would be able to deport illegal immigrants and for border states to move to secure the border.

The border crisis has been an increasing and ongoing issue for the Biden administration, despite the appointment of Vice President Kamala Harris as de facto “border czar” early in the term.